Genosys Eyecell 4 Part Kit

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All you need for this is to properly use the Genoys Eye Kit.

In addition to fighting wrinkles, micronidling (introducing serum into the deeper layers of the skin using a mesoscooter) has a strengthening and antioxidant effect, it effectively helps to cope with other problems characteristic of the area around the eyes.

In 10 minutes of the needle procedure, a miniature vibrating roller makes about half a million punctures in the skin around the eyes.

This process launches its own repair mechanisms in the skin, stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, and provides free penetration of Genosys cosmeceuticals into the deeper layers of the skin. Such transdermal intake of active substances is ten times greater than the surface application of drugs. The skin around the eyes is rejuvenated and strengthened from the inside, wrinkles are smoothed out, swelling, bruising and hyperpigmentation leave without a trace.

The needles are made of the highest quality steel. They have a minimum, about 6 degrees, tilt angle and provide an almost vertical entry into the skin, guaranteeing the absence of pain and the shortest rehabilitation time. Redness on average passes within an hour after the procedure, so micronidling will easily fit into the most intense daily routine.

Kit contents : Eye Roller Dermaroller for eye area, 0.25 mm, 1 pc., EYECELL Eye Contour Serum Eye serum, 10 ml EYECELL Eye Contour Cream Eye cream, 20 mlEYECELL Eye Peptide Gel Patch Peptide Gel Patches for the area around the eyes, 60 pcs.